Is Sysco food unhealthy


Originally posted by Yada123
I have nothing against free enterprise, but is Sysco ruining the restaurant experience? The food at most restaurants tastes the same because they all buy from Sysco. It seems to be a force against creativity: just unbox and cook.

I think a better way to make the same point is: There are far to many restaurants that buy from Sysco or some other distributor and merely deep fry or grill the box stock items with no creativity, and never really produce a product worth eating.

The following was mentioned, (get up before dawn and go to the wholesale food markets and pick and choose the best of what’s available that day (with a wad of $100’s in your pocket.)

I LOL that s what I do almost every day. Run here and there and pick up everything I need paying cash and then I beat feet back to the stand and go to work.

But on the Sysco being your friend there is no way. They have a terrible habit here in my area of carrying a product that I like and then all at once  Oh we have a house brand that is exactly the same, at slightly better price). But then you find out it doesn t make the mark on either account.

You have to watch them all because there prices tend to creep up until you notice it and then they go back to the agreed to price but in 3 or 4 months it all happens again.

So never think any company that supplies you with a product is your friend, the salesman may be come a friend but if the company can save a penny and you lose a little quality they don t care. Well they only care if you stop dealing with them and then only a tiny bit. They do the same thing as Sam s Clubs, someone behind the scenes makes a decision that effects the guy working his ass off trying to prepare a really good product for his customers. And you have to raise hell with them and go find a new supplier for the same product.